Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, was founded in 2002 by a group of committed Coronado alumni and parents of CHS students for the benefit of Coronado students. Located in historic Scottsdale, AZ, Coronado High School has been the heart of its community for over 50 years. Today, Coronado High School faces many challenges in continuing to provide a first-rate education. CFFF values the potential of every student, lifelong learning, public education and the Coronado community. It seeks to connect CHS alumni with each other and today's students. Volunteer opportunities abound within the Foundation. If you would like to get involved with the foundation - Volunteer Here.



The Foundation's mission is to expand educational opportunities for Coronado High School teachers and students by:
     Supporting programs and scholarships

     Connecting alumni and the business community to Coronado High School


Most Scottsdale schools have pockets of wealth. Coronado does not. Other Scottsdale high schools receive additional community funding and gifts that total at least $150,000 each year. Coronado averages about $20,000. We want to bridge that gap.


Your tax deductible donations will help level the playing field and give Coronado students the chance to excel even more.  Please, Give back to the school that helped make you what you are today!  If you would like to help connect students with their educational opportunities, please make a generous donation now.


The foundation's mission can be supported through tax-deductible individual donations, corporate partnerships and gifts, and participation in the activities of Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc. Your contribution will encourage future generations of Coronado Dons to achieve their educational goals.




The Board of Directors includes dedicated and enthusiastic alumni, parents, and members of the community:






Duane Sheldon, President

Mike Peabody, Vice-President

Jeanne Christen, Secretary

Tom Dunbar, Treasurer



  • Karen Beckvar
  • David Hochstrasser, CHS Alum
  • John Kriekard
  • Carl Couch
  • Maryann McAllen
  • Bronwyn Milhaven


  •  Andrea Michaels, CHS '65 Founders Letter
  • Joan Agostinelli
  • Deanna Sanft
  • Robert Swierski, CHS Alum
  • Linda Dahl, CHS Alum
  • Wayne Kirby, CHS Alum
  • Lorrin Shelley

For more information on the Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc. please email: [email protected]. 

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