Welcome to Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc.

Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, was founded in 2002 by a group of committed Coronado alumni and parents of CHS students for the benefit of Coronado students. Located in historic Scottsdale, AZ, Coronado High School has been the heart of its community for over 50 years. Today, Coronado High School faces many challenges in continuing to provide a first-rate education and although the new academic campus is now complete, many needs remain.


MAJOR DONATION ANNOUNCED:  Rob and Jennifer Flick have pledged $1 million payable over ten years to be used for scholarships for CHS students.  The foundation must raise $50,000 each year to receive the full donation. Read the donation letter here.



Leslie Balderrama was the recipient of the $500 Serna Family Scholarship.


In 2020 the foundation has:

  • Awarded 3 $5000 Promise scholarships
  • Awarded 1 $500 Serna Family Scholarship
  • Donated $250 to the Minds in Motion Award Program
  • Donated $500 for ESP and Student Collaboration Luncheons
  • Began collaborations with SUSD and the Charros to expand Promise Scholarships
  • Received a commitment from the Flick Family Foundation for $1 million for scholarships

In 2019 the foundation has:

  • Awarded 2 $5000 Promise scholarships
  • Donated $250 to Minds in Motion award program
  • Donated $2000 for class fees for students
  • Completed the furnishing of the special education sensory room
  • Supported the Coronado Appreciation Committee to have two staff appreciation luncheons a year
  • Participated in the Coronado Success Initiative

In 2018 the foundation has:

  • Created a new scholarship program - the CFFF Promise Scholarship
  • Received a $7300 award from the Jerome S and Grace H Murray Foundation to be used for a special Education sensory room, class fee scholarships and volunteer background checks
  • Awarded four $2500 CFFF Papago Rotary Service above Self scholarships
  • Received a $2000 grant from the Murray Foundation for PE equipment and donated PE equipment to CHS
  • Awarded $2625 in athletic fee scholarships
  • Created and awarded the CFFF-Murray scholarship ($1000 each for an outstanding male and female athlete - awarded in May)
  • Sponsored a staff appreciation luncheon in May and helped with a staff appreciation luncheon in December
  • Donated $500 for the ESP parent/student award luncheons
  • Donated $250 for Minds in Motion awards

In 2017 the foundation has:

  • Awarded 2 $2500 scholarships
  • Received a $7000 grant from the Murray Foundation for athletic scholarships, volunteer background checks, and athletic fees
  • Donated $1500 for volunteer background checks
  • Sponsored a student/parent award luncheon
  • Sponsored 2 staff appreciation luncheons
  • Awarded $1375 in athletic fee scholarships

In 2016 the foundation has:

  • Awarded 2 $2500 scholarships to Devin H. and Daisy B.
  • Donated $500 for volunteer background checks
  • Coordinated 2 teacher appreciation luncheons
  • Donated $1100 for scenery rental for the Spring 2017 production of "Guys and Dolls"
  • Donated $500 in grants for workshops for theater students

In 2015 the foundation has done the following:

  • $1100 donation to pay for scenery for the "Cinderella" production
  • $900 donation to help 3 students attend the Scottsdale Sister Cities program in China
  • $4000 college scholarship awarded to Elysea P. 
  • $3000 donation for campus technical support personnel




You can also mail your contact information and a donation check to: CFFF, 7501 E. Virginia Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc. values the potential of every student, lifelong learning, public education and the Coronado community. It seeks to connect CHS alumni with each other and today's students. Volunteer opportunities abound within the Foundation. If you have any experience with fund-raising, please email us.

Our Mission

The Foundation's mission is to expand educational opportunities for Coronado High School teachers and students by:

        Supporting programs and scholarships
        Connecting alumni and the business community to Coronado High School

Most Scottsdale schools have pockets of wealth. Coronado does not. Other Scottsdale high schools receive additional community funding and gifts that total at least $150,000 each year. Coronado averages about $20,000. We want to bridge that gap.
Your tax deductible donations will help level the playing field and give Coronado students the chance to excel even more.  Please, give back to the school that helped make you what you are today!  If you would like to help connect students with their educational opportunities, please make a generous donation now.
The foundation's mission can be supported through tax-deductible individual donations, corporate partnerships and gifts, and participation in the activities of Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc. Your contribution will encourage future generations of Coronado Dons to achieve their educational goals.
For more information on the Coronado Foundation for the Future, Inc. please email me [email protected].

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